Chrome App Extensions

Chrome App Extensions:-

1. Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security Offers protection against known phishing and malware sites, it improves your searching overall browsing experience with crowd sourced web reputation rating.And it blocks automatically all the trackers.

2. SEOquake

It is used for viewing SEO metrics.It shows Alexa rank,total Page Indexed,Backlinks etc.

3. Simple Allow Copy

It simply allows you to copy on every websites.Some websites are copy protected, it is mainly used in those websites. 

4. Screencastify

Using this you can record,capture,edit and share it in few seconds.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

Encrypt the Web! It uses HTTPS in every websites.Many websites are not secured but using this all the websites are secured to you.

6. Google Dictionary 

It is used for viewing definitions of anything. Using this you can translate a whole website in your preferred language.

You can get all the extensions from chrome web store or just search it on google and install it.

Here You Can Also Know About Google Translate Extension.

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