How to Reset Administrator Password Windows 10

How to Reset Administrator Password Windows 10:-

#Using Command Prompt
  1. When windows boot logo appears then press power button and shut it down
  2. Do it for several times until two options come 
  3. Launch start up repair & Start windows normally
  4. Then select  Launch start up repair & press enter
  5. Wait for sometime if any options come regarding system restore choose cancel 
  6. Then wait again, then two option come send information about this problem & don't send
  7. Press view problem details & then scroll down and press on  x:\windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt
  8. Then a notepad text appears, then goto save as, select save as type= all files
  9. Then goto computer, then goto Local disk C or system drive, goto windows folder
  10. Then goto system32 folder & search for Utilman & copy the name 
  11. After copying the name change it to Utilman1
  12. Then search for cmd and rename it to Utilman
  13. Then close the windows and restart 
  14. When the computer turns on and login page appears then click on ease of access(left bottom corner side of the login page)
  15. Then a command window appears, then type control userpasswords2 & press enter
  16. A new window appears click on reset password & type a new password or left it blank
  17. Press enter & the computer is unlocked.
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