How to Change Drive icon in Windows

How to Change Drive icon in  Windows:-

#Using Notepad

  • Download any icon from internet(.ico file) then
  • Copy the .ico file in your drive (which drive you want) (Don't put it in any folder)
  • Then open Notepad & type
        icon=iconname.ico(the name of the icon file & the extension name of the file)
        label=Drive Icon(the name is going to show as drive name)
  • Then save the file in the same location where the icon file is present
  • Save the file as "Autorun.inf".
  • Restart the computer or eject the pen drive and reinsert it and see that the drive icon is changed
  • After doing this you can see the file, if you want to hide them open
  • Command prompt and goto the drive then type 
        h:\>attrib +h +s  h:/Autorun.inf
        h:\>attrib +h +s h:/iconname.ico

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